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Welcome to the home of the Profound & Incredible…

The Airwolf

Please take a bow.

‘Why thank you’ Airwolf says…
The women Love him, the guys want to be him.

“A true celebrity within Grand Theft Auto UK”
Everyone heard of the Airwolf by now. 

He once strangled man with his own hair
for jumping into his Buzzard.
(He made him wait to grow ponytail).

The greatest helicopter pilot on grand theft auto, without a doubt.
Ain’t no questioning of this.

“Ken Block of the Skies”

  I guess you can only describe him as the equivelant to …
– Gordon Ramsey of the food industry and Mozart of DJ’s.
He the best.

“Boxer and Poet of the Skies”

On serious note… And for legal reason’s we have to add…
Airwolf recently received an injunction for stalking Lorraine kelly, which you may of seen in daily mail, but he is appealing against this and believes he will win.

He only wants to take her for pot noodle and gin & tonic, she jumping to conclusions.

Airwolf is very friendly soul.

Airwolf also massive fan of Dog the Bounty Hunter and someday hopes to meet him and his beautiful wife.

“Ain’t no party Like an Airwolf Party”

Have a seat.